My dogs are my life, and the center of that life is my Great Dane, Sanity. Nee for short. He worships the ground I walk on and what woman doesn't love that? He's beyond patient with me, when I call him over and start manipulating his lips to get angles just right. He stands there till I'm done then he runs away. He's an enormous wussy baby, and whines constantly when I'm not paying attenion to him. I adore this dog beyond all belief. Even though he's totally distanced himself from the breed standard in size and personality, there will never be another Dane close to being his equal.

Before I even had a Dane I had the name "Sanity" picked out because I thought it would be HYSTERICAL to run around saying "Sanity come here!" "Sanity, where are you?" It got old REALLY fast. I don't know where the name Nee came from, we just started saying it, but I swear to GOD if I hear "If that's Nee, where's Elbow?" one more time I will kill someone.

Nee is a horrendous Momma's boy. He is totally obsessed with me, he won't leave me alone for a minute, he doesn't want anything to do with anyone else. My Frammy used to say he was in love with me. They say that's the difference between Danes and other dogs. Other dogs might love you but a Dane is IN love with you.

Nee is the culmination of a torrid affair I've had with Great Danes ever since I was a little girl and would run away to hide in the neighbor's Dane's doghouse. Because I RESEARCHED the breed I knew what I was getting into. A Dane is a huge responsibility, and you have to realize that before you take the step into getting one. I do more work keeping up on what he should be eating, genetic disorders, and training styles, than actual work. They're slow to mature, stick to you like glue, burn their chins on the stove, and are absolute nightmares from the ages of 10-24 months. I wouldn't want it any other way.






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