The Dogs -
Because my babies are spoiled and have their own pages.
Big Dogs Porch
The absolute best site for Giant Breed dogs on the web.
Blocky Dogs -
AMAZING hand made custom dog collars made specifically for big dogs.
Karma's Charms - Really nice, high quality, ID tags, pet charms, collars, and fancy schmancy Doggles. - Products, Services & Support for caretakers of special and handicapped pets
Dane Lady -
Excellent information on all things related to Great Danes.

Rebekah Rogers -
The most talented canine artist I have ever seen. She'll make you cry.
Gil Elvgren -
Artist of my favorite picture ever "The Perfect Pair". One of the top pin up artists.
Deviant Art -
Some amazing stuff, some not so much, but all in all it's worth a look.

Photoshop Tutorials -
Well everything tutorials actually, but I use it mainly for PS.
b3ta -
I post the most random games, animations, & sites and this is where I get them.
Red VS Blue -
Web series, bestest thing EVER! I have the DVDs.
Land Rover -
My honey works for them. He needs money. GO BUY ONE RIGHT NOW!

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