Hobo is just the happiest little dog you'll ever see in your life. Well he isn't really little. He's kind of fat. Regardless. Hobo has been described as a "Disney Dog". He has a joi de vivre, that you don't often see in today's society. He's best friends with anyone he meets. Until something shiny comes along and distracts him and he follows it. Then all bets are off. He relies on his cuteness and all weather durability. As such, when we can only bring one dog somewhere, we bring Hobo because he requires no grooming afterwards and he doesn't stupid Horse comments.

Because he's so damn cute Hobo gets away with a LOT. He is an awful little thief. He'll steal and eat anything that isn't nailed down. When he was about 4 months old, he ate an entire carton of cigarettes. He's also eaten 3 pan fulls of Chocolate fudge. His digestive system is nigh near indestructible. He'll drink peroxide out of a bowl for fun if we'd let him.

A while ago we found out that Hobo had most likely broken his hip when he was a baby. We rescued him, and our vet said that he had a clean bill of health at the time. However now, if you look at his back left leg it leans in. Upon X rays, the vet informed us of the previously broken hip, saying that he most likely hid it as a preservation instinct. The only option we have now is to rebreak it and set it, but as it isn't bothering him right now, it isn't an option we're considering at the moment.

Hobo is a Chinook, a breed that originated in New Hampshire. Its a Nordic breed that was bred to be a family dog, as the founder was tired of the aloof sled dogs he was used to. To find more out about the Chinook, please visit their Club site at Chinook-dogs.org






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