This is Araby, ie: Princess *Insert whatever word you want here*. She's the Honey's dog. I swore that I would never call a dog Princess, but she just gives herself over to it. If she was human she'd be a gorgeous overconfident genius diva supermodel. And I would hate her. With a vehement loathing. She deserves pink but her daddy insisted that her page be BLUE. (He doesn't like pink) Her nicknames are pretty much anything with "Bib" in it. Bibbles, Bibby, Bibs, Bibble butt.... I also call her the Harpie, the B word, and Spawn of Satan. She answers to all of them, and she comes running when you say the word "Pretty" and sits in front of you waiting for pets. No really, she does.

Often I'll say I hate her. I don't. She drives me up the friggin wall sometimes, but she's my baby girl. And as much as I adore my boys, it's just so touching when she curls up in your lap and stares deeply into your eyes. Usually this is abruptly followed by an attempt to remove your nose with her teeth, thus breaking any enchantment she previously held over you.

The boys live in fear of her wrath. Somtimes I swear it's like she's a Mafia Princess and they're her empty minded muscle, there for her amusement. She'll sit at the bottom of the stairs giving them the eye, and the boys will sit in the middle, crying for me to come and run interference. She pushes them around, steals their toys and treats, and pushes them out of the way if they're getting too much attention.

She is Uber Bitch incarnate, but we wouldn't know what to do without her.






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