Mostly known as "Ang", and abhoring the name "Angie", she started art at an early age, taught by her mother, a gifted artist. She won several awards, but got preoccupied with other pursuits, and the art fell to the wayside

In 2006 she discovered the graphic arts and fell in love. With no formal training, just a mouse and alot of patience (Which is ironic because she HAS to be the most impatient person on the face of the earth), she managed to produce several decent pieces. Others saw her work and commissioned her to do portraits for them, or graphics for their websites. Thus her art career began again. It expanded enough that she needed a website, so she taught herself web design.

She is in a happy long term relationship, and has three dogs (Sanity - Great Dane, Hobo - Chinook, and Araby - Llewellin English Setter) who she obsesses about constantly. Her can't miss TV shows are House, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and Antiques Roadshow. Christopher Moore is her favorite author and her fave movie ever is "Boondock Saints". She is notorious for crying at really stupid things, like commercials with little old people & music videos and loves to run

around outside in her socks. As a result she occasionally accepts really good socks as payment. Eats a diet consisting of Papa Ginos breadsticks, chocolate, cookie dough, and Mountain Dew. Can't stand to see tags sticking out of collars, or unruly eyebrows. Only refers to herself in the third person when she's been up way too late working on websites and needs caffeine...
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