My site is currently, painfully, under construction. I'm sorry but I've been focusing all my time on my clients. However, seeing the first website I ever created something like three years ago is just painful. So I had to put at least one page of pretty up, even though my subsequent amateurish.pages and work are here for a while.

Thanks for visiting Ankyworks. I am Ang, artist type person extraordinaire, and I would love nothing more than to help you out with any design needs you may have. Be it custom graphics, logo design, illustrations, digital portraits, promotional materials, or web design.

Here's the deal. I like working with people. I like helping small businesses, by giving them a fantastic website/logo/branding package that is created uniquely for them and no one else. I don't recycle ideas, I am about YOU and the image you are trying to project, not trying to shove you into a cookie cutter template.

So here's your chance to stand out and get exactly what you want, be it sleek and professional, grungey and raw, chic and vintage, or cute and fluffy. Well not actually fluffy, just a visual representation of fluffy, CSS3 does not equal 3D...

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